What Never Kills Me

by Fingers Lift

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Recorded in February 2010 at Box Fort Knox and Bad Elk


released June 27, 2011

All songs written and performed by Brandon Welch.

Engineered by Timothy Walker

Ryan Green played keyboard on 11

Timothy Walker played: lap steel on 6, 11, 15, 16. electric guitar on 10. synth on 7. bass on 6. sang backing on 9 and 13

Artwork by Ben Aldis



all rights reserved


Fingers Lift De Kalb, Illinois

Fingers Lift is a band of scarecrows with jack o' lantern heads staked in a plot of dark midwestern soil in a town where it's always night. when the wind is just right their corn-husk fingers lightly brush and tap against the stringed instruments that some unknown soul thought to hang on them as a perverse joke. wind sighs in and out through their eyes and mouths and with the wind comes words ... more

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Track Name: Evergreen, Evergreening
It's time now to be unafraid
It's time now to grow
It's time to remember
Fire and snow
Evergreen, Evergreening

You see the footprints melting
Into islands of grass
You see the sparrows hundred-fold
Bending down the branch
Evergreen, Evergreening

So time now to be unafraid
There's time now to grow
Time to remember
Fire and snow
Evergreen, Evergreening
Track Name: Orbit The Dying Star
Can't get this boat turned over
(now it won't go now it won't go)
Because we're in the water
(the boat and me)
And the bottom must be a mile
(deep beneath my feet)

Can't climb up and lay down
I just get thrown around
Never was fixing to drown
But now we're so far out

So I describe the circle
(round and round and round and round)
Around this sinking bastard
(orbit the dying star)
Getting weaker and lower
(weaker still and still lower)

Oh I could fight
And go down slower
But I'm sure the sharks
Are better swimmers
Than me

And now the North Star comes out
(reflections dancing on the water)
To keep me company
(don't go my friend don't go)
I guess that's something
Track Name: Sickclothes
Take off your sickclothes
And try on your old skin again
You've passed, quite unknowingly
Beneath the leopard tree
Oh run under your own power
To someone you believe is waiting for you
Someone is waiting for you

Release your nervous birdsong word pastiche
And sing it out to me
Sing out to me
Winter's over
Track Name: A Great Fire Starts In Secret
Bat your eye
And all the birds in the sky die
They burst into flames
And fall into the hay
And start fire

We'll laugh and we'll clap
And we'll dance
As the entire town burns down
I won't tell anyone
Track Name: Surfacing Quickly
Night after night
I have this strange recurring dream
I'm surfacing quickly
From miles below the sea
When my head explodes
Like a grenade

Then everyday
There is the same fantasy
I flatten like a banner
Fly between the trees
Till I get sucked up
In a jet turbine

Oh I should say
That it's not safe to dream of you
Cuz I don't need
Any of these dreams coming true
Track Name: Transubstansylvania
Did you know what you were doing?
When you did it, did you know?
Don't go don't go

Your heart beats once
Every hundred years
Do you know? Do you feel it?
Don't go don't go

Goodbye I am off
To Transubstansylvania
I heard there are cannibal kings there
I heard the snow falls red

Goodbye my feather-wing
Just wait until the rain stops
I'll trade the sky for mud
When your antelope heart has sprung

And you'll come back
Track Name: Stop Digging Holes
Goddamn this endless winter
I've buried things I will never find again
Shovel's frozen in the snow
I stopped digging holes

Shapes losing shape
Depression's less depressing
There once was a lake
Now there is nothing
The pills didn't take
Now there is nothing

Your sure-footing
Track Name: That Was Verbose
Do you want to bring a microphone to the graveyard?
Go and see if anyone has anything to say?
I'm all out of words so what the fuck
We'll record the headstones and see if we have luck
I'm as ragged as the lace
On a dead girl's gown

Let someone else do this
Don't ask me how
That was verbose and this is now

Maybe I should try my hand at automatic writing
Invite the spirits in and give up all control
I'm all out of words so what the shit
Why not tamper with the veil a bit?
I'm as instrumental as a post-rock band

Let someone else do this
Don't ask me how
That was verbose and this is now
Track Name: Fifty Graveyard Cats
Red birds on a white sink
Running down
No reason for you to come around
The junebugs on the screen
Are getting fat
Every midnight
Fifty graveyard cats
They sing la la la
God it's so hot in here
Cool it and fuck this

Bedfellows with beer cans
I imagine cannons coming back
To bonfires and kids
With bible names
Makes me think
Of red birds down the drain
And I sing
Track Name: Snow Days
I like your profile
I like your white wool shepherd's coat
And I like your long strides
As we go walking arm-in-arm

The winter is cut from the same cloth
As the summer
Let's keep all these thoughts
In a silly running dialogue
For laughs

And if the blustery winter snow
Should keep us in this house
Well I'm okay with that
I like having you around

Long as there are books to read
I'll be happy
And I like your profile
And I like your white wool winter coat
Track Name: Ice Floes
Looking out windows
Standing on ice floes
Oh you should have seen
You should have seen me
You should have seen
Before everything
Stayed the same
Track Name: Mystery Tracks
Tracks in the snow
Where do they go?

Over walls and over hedges
On roofs and narrow ledges
They lead on and on and on and on

Over still frozen waters
Never stop never falter
They lead on and on and on and on
Track Name: Put The Bottle Down
She will wait
In the waves
In the wings of circling gulls
Red sky at day
Lash me to the mast
Put the bottle down
Put the sails away

And when the moon peels
Back the ocean's skin
Down to the barest of bones
Her heart stands revealed
In the waterspout
Put the bottle down
Put the sails away
Track Name: The Ragged Fox
The weary fox did run aground
The hunter let his horns call down the hounds

"The hounds, they're so close now
And if that I could I'd escape
But I can't
So god, voodoo, science, etcetera
Cut me some slack

Fuck the hunters
And fuck all the chasers
I want magic powers
And death-dealing lasers"

No sooner were those words said
The air around his head
Did crackle with energy
His eyes became a sinister green
And evil filled his heart
His heart became an evil thing

The next day in the woods
They found the hunter and his hounds
Stacked in each other
Like those nesting-dolls from Russia
And of The Ragged Fox
Now there was now sign

He slipped away
To live another day
Time after time
Track Name: What Never Kills Me
It's so cold outside
I might just go
Take off my shoes
I might just go out there

"Are you still in pain?"
She asks on the phone
And it breaks my tired heart
To lie to her "no"

It's starting to snow
Put on my headphones
Some Sigur Ros
And hang up the phone

It's starting to snow