Lonesome Flotsam

by Fingers Lift

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Written and performed by Brandon Welch and Timothy Walker, 2009 through yesterday at Bad Elk and Boxfortknox, De Kalb and Aurora, IL

An album about resurrection Marys, love in a Lovecraftian town, ghosts, monsters, and the end of all.


released October 31, 2013

Recorded and Engineered by Timothy Walker

Brandon Welch - Everything
Timothy Walker - Everything

with the generous help of:

Ben Aldis: backing vocals on 2 and 9
percussion on 4 and 5
glockenspiel on 9

Ryan Anthenat: sea-god sounds on 5

Bob Aspatore: guitar on 4
wall of guitars on 5

Miranda Barnes: pretty vocals on 2 and 9

Austin Cliffe: circuit-bent sounds on 10

Ryan Green: pump organ on 5
keyboard on 6

Nat Kundanis-Grow: violin on 4
backing vocals on 5 and 9

Remix by Demons

Peacock painting by Hannah Dwyer



all rights reserved


Fingers Lift De Kalb, Illinois

Fingers Lift is a band of scarecrows with jack o' lantern heads staked in a plot of dark midwestern soil in a town where it's always night. when the wind is just right their corn-husk fingers lightly brush and tap against the stringed instruments that some unknown soul thought to hang on them as a perverse joke. wind sighs in and out through their eyes and mouths and with the wind comes words ... more

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Track Name: Lonesome Flotsam
I Cut My Hands Off At the Wrist
By the Seashore and Cast Them Away
They Washed In, Palms-Up
Pricked With Splinters of Ships
'Neath the Waves
Pink Drops of Rain
Leap Up Off Of My Brain
Like Fish Feeding
I'll Keep My White Eyes On
The Bruised-Black Horizon, Unseeing
I'm the Shadow Of the Wing of the Bird
Gone To Pieces Waiting For Her Return
Dropped an Ear To the Sand
Now a Home For a Crab
It Speaks Of Her
A Hole Wide as a Worm
Runs Down My Spinal Chord
Makes Me Shiver
And Shake Upon Shake
Causes Wet Ribs To Break
Like Hulls Breaching
She Sank and is Gone
And I Washed Up Alone
Flesh Past Feeling
I'm The Shoreline That the Tide Eats Away
She Sprouts Coral On the Bed She Has Made
Track Name: End All
That Was the Day
The Sun Grew Down Its Long Legs
Sent Out a Rope
Fast Burning Away
The River Smelled
Just Like Burning Dead Leaves
The Waxwings Melt
End All End All End All
You're Waking Up
The Footboard's Turned To Splinters
And Thunder Shakes the Walls
The Hollowed Earth
Loose Tibias and Knuckles
The Giants Wake Up
End All End All End All

And Oh God Where Have You Gone?
And Are You Asleep?
And How Can You Raise Me Up?
When No one's Buried Me

Spent So Long With These
Uselessly-Long Ghost Songs
I Spent So Long In Hell
Your Shoulder's Sharp
And Your Legs Are Lovely
And Now We Sing
End All End All End All
So Give It Up
No Crucial Spoke Got Broken
A Couple Lines and A Load Of Flies
The Haunted Leash
Wrapped Tight Around the Polestar
The Chorus Takes Up
End All End All End All

The Last Song Was Seconds Being Written
The Last Hawk Died Alone
The Last Beer Cost Twenty-Million Dollars
The Last Voice Was On the Phone

And Oh God Where Have You Gone?
And Are You Asleep?
And How Can You Raise Me Up?
When No one's Buried Me

I Was A Spark
And I Could Find An Outlet
In the Dark
Or Drunk As Stone
I Used To Walk
So Solid Among My Friends
I Whistle Now
Through Their Bones
Track Name: Stars Above The Sound
All the Stars That We See My Dear
Are Dead Lights From the Reaches
Smoke Blackens the Trees
Blood Drips From the Branches
Crows Have Come To Roost
On the Chimney-Tops
There To Stay

On This Shuttered Night
Up From Ancient Trenches
Unswept Floors Crisscrossed
With Forgotten Dances
These Ruins They Just Seem Empty
These Shambling Shapes
They Do Not Look Like Me, Look At Me
Speak Like Me, Speak To Me

Night After Night
The Tolling In the Dark
Drowning Out My Heart
And I Awake
To See You Running
Toward the Water's Edge

Will the Sun Rise?
And Should I Stay?
You've Scattered Shark's Teeth In Your Wake
Down In the Bay
The Strangest Shapes
Just Below the Waves
Restlessly Swim
Round and Round and Round
Track Name: Drove Her Home
Drove Her Home
Tried To Keep Her Warm
She Appeared
Like A Handprint
On A Foggy Mirror
In The Blinding Storm
And She Asked Him
"Leave the Wipers Off"
Till They Could Not
See Through The Rain
Said She Loved
The Moment When
The World's Made Clear Again

He Told Her
"There's A Knock Every Night On My Door
But No One's Ever There"
And She Laughed, She Said
"Yeah That's Always Me
But It Never Gets Me Anywhere"

Then She Disappeared Completely
As They Sped Into the City
Round the Bend
She'd Taken Before
He Had Ever Dreamt To Be Born
Track Name: No Ghosts
I Can't Feel My Heart No More
Stops Beating Then It Beats Once More
Someone Help Me Out Before
The Demons Slam the Door

I'm Feeling Like a Wicker Basket
Carrying Exotic Nightmares
How Do I Keep Them In
With All Their Claws
And Pointed Teeth?
Those Teeth Are Deep In Me
They're Teeth That I Can't See
And I Know One Sure Thing

I Know Soot and Stars Fall Down
And Hearth and Home Fall Down
And I Have Fallen Down
Sank Without a Sound
I'm Gone

In Your Hands
There Was No Traction
I Fell and Broke My Head
My Family Sliding In The Blood
We Never Prayed Again

So What Am I Still Doing Here?
After Hours When the Gates Have Closed
There's Nobody and There's No Ghosts
No Nobody But Me
No Ghosts Here But Me
And I Know One Sure Thing
I'm Gone
Track Name: The Phantom Menagerie
The Phantom Menagerie Came Down From the Eaves
Threadbare Shapes and Faces
Our Small Effigies
From Great Grey Beaks Bellowing Blackened Lunacy
The Words We'd Dreaded
"We Are You, You Are We"

Less Than A Whole, The Phantom Menagerie
Wind Through Our Skulls
Sounds Out A Calliope
Such Things Take Shape Underneath the Clotting Of Leaves
The Sky Is Still Blue
Above Our Outstretched Wings
Track Name: Heartbeats Through Air
For the Heart That Beats For Hope
For the Heart That Beats In Disappointment
For the Heart Neath a Blanket Of Stars
For the Heart Banked Like a Campfire
Heartbeats Through Air

For the Heart That Sleeps Under Mountains
For the Heart Winding Down Like a Clock
For the Heart is a Web Between Fingers
For the Heart Smooth As Riverbed Rocks
Heartbeats Through Air

For the Heart Torn Apart By the North Wind
For the Heart Put Together In the Doldrums
For the Heart Stirring Ripples In the Lake
For the Heart That Can't Catch a Fuckin' Break
Heartbeats Through Air

They Go On If You Hear Them Or You Don't
And They Beat If You Join Them Or You Won't
They Can't Speak Though They Sing Sweetly-Soft
At the End Of the World Nothing's Lost

They Keep On If We Care Or We Don't
And They're Marking the Time If We Won't
They Can't Speak Though They Sing Sweetly-Soft
At the End Of the Song Nothing's Lost